In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.

Flora Edwards

Mom/Dad: Thanks for mailing me supply packages, forwarding messages, and paying my bills (I would thank you more if it weren't my money!).

Rob: For developing and maintaining the website, shopping for equipment, and backpacking on all of those trips…here's to you.

Steve: Mortimer…Thanks for letting me store my stuff and for putting up with my vagrant ways.

Carol: Thanks for the book Blind Courage and the article about the Baylor hikers I still have hanging on my closet wall.

AT as a whole: To all of the people who maintain the trail, who fight to obtain land for the trail, and who established it in the first place...your dedication is appreciated.

Everyone at Arthur Andersen Business Consulting Dallas: Thanks for being supportive of my taking a Leave of Absence.

Dr. Richard Townsend: Thanks for the free samples for my 1st Aid Kit and the medical advice.

Mr. and Mrs. Hallman (Robert and Mary Tolbert): The greatest of thanks for picking me up in Atlanta, taking me to get stove fuel, and getting me to the trailhead.

David L. Atkinson: thanks for the PB&Js, cookies, and sodas at Deep Gap. GA.

Matt Gorman of Safety-Kleen: for the ride into Hiawassee.

Sharon Dills of the Hiawassee Inn: For the envelopes and stamps.

Art Lambert From Missouri: Ride from Nantahala to Fontana Village Resort.

Jason Rickers: ride from Fontana Village Resort to general store and PO.

Mr. Barnes From Alabama: for the chicken rotelle you left on my backpack early this morning (3/25/2000).

Anthony White of NN Ball & Roller, Inc., Mountain City, TN: for the lift into Hampton.

Bob Nelson of Porterville, MS: for the big rig ride from Atkins to Wytheville.

Z. Atkers of Virginia: for the Mountain Dew given to me at 7-mile road as he drove by.

Longhorn, two time thru-hiker: for the sodas left at Pine Swamp Branch Shelter.

Hal & Martha Cobble of Roanoke, VA: for everything (laundry, shower, bed, errands, dinner...)!

Janet Rea of "BFE": for the ride from the trail to Big Island, VA

Glenn Thompson of "everywhere": for the ride from Big Island, VA back to the trail

"Flash" and "Hot Flash": for the Pepsi and homemade cookies you hiked in to the Brown Mountain Creek Shelter just for us thru-hikers

Boy Scouts of America Troup 57 (Caveman's troup): for the Trail Magic at Tye river.

Two guys: for the lifts to/from Tyro.

Mr. Bowden of Front Royal: for the lift into town.

Niki, Jimmy, and Luke Mason: for the wonderful steak dinner and dinner conversation (after they drove 14 hours).

Bill Lash: Zoom's friend, for putting us up in D.C., cooking excellent meals, and showing us the town.

Ishmael (Bruce Dunlavy) of Mechanicsburg, PA: for the place to stay, the lesson, the company.

Squire & Hippie Longstocking: for letting us use the radio and for making room in the shelter.

John from New York City: for the ride in to Mt. Vernon.

Dave Mertens and Millie Murphy: for dinner at Anthony's.

Kevin of Ft. Montgomery: for the ride into town.

Tom Levard of Dalton, MA: for the porch use and ice cream.

Rita Mongue of Dalton, MA: for the surprise breakfast.

Beth of Williamstown, MA: for the hitch.

Brian Cote: for carrying food during his summer White Mountain hikes in the case that we should meet.

Tim Anderson of Monson, ME: for helping me with my boots and for being the last of a dieing breed.

Everyone I forgot to mention or whose name I forgot to get: thanks for the rides, snacks, shelter, trail maintenance, holding of packages, work-for-stays, advice, etc.