September 8, 2000

Boston, MA 0 Miles Hiked Today 2167 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Old Ironsides The return to society continued today with a whirlwind tour of Boston. I took one of the many "all day on and off" bus tours in order to get a feel for the city. With my tour came free admission to the New England Aquarium so I looked around there after lunch. Then it was back to the bus and on to the Old North Church (where they hung the lanterns to alert the city of the red coats were coming "one if by land, two if by sea" and also the U.S.S. Constitution or "Old Ironsides." Those sites I actually toured. By bus we also saw Bunker/Breed's Hill, several churches, graveyards, The Big Dig, Boston Common, and etc.

Fenway ParkAt about 4:30 I headed to Fenway Park, via "the T," my real mission in Boston. Built in 1912, it is the oldest Major League Baseball stadium in use. I bought a ticket from a scalper at not too bad an inflated price (I expected the worst since the weekend series against the hated Yankees had been sold out for months) and walked around outside watching the crowd. Finally they opened the gates and I went in to watch batting practice and take some pictures. Although grand in its historical place in baseball history, it isn't as inspiring as Wrigley Field.  Although the Red Sox lost 4-0, I did get to see a homer over the Green Monster and experience a great old park during a contested playoff hunt. Four people, at least, got thrown out for fighting. Those Sox and Yankee fans sure hate one another. Roger Clemens was awesome for the Yanks. No runs and still throwing in the mid 90's in the 9th inning.

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