September 3, 2000

Rainbow Stream Lean-to, ME 16 Miles Hiked Today 2137 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

View of KatahdinYour basic day of hiking today. We had a great view of Katahdin, sat next to a beautiful pond, and followed along a great river. Much of the scenery, particularly at Crescent Pond, looked painted.

The journey's ending brings some things to clarity. First, at this point, the next two days feel meaningless. There's no excitement or wonder inherent to them, just miles 'til the goal. Second, what we have done, the immensity of it, is coming clear. In the beginning I thought I might walk this far, and I might be gone for six months, and I might... Now, I have gone this far and I have walked away from work for six months, and I have...

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