September 2, 2000

White House Landing Wilderness Camp, ME 2 Miles Hiked Today 2121 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Erik canoeing on Pemadumcook LakeWhat a cool place. The camp is located on Pemadumcook Lake, a beautiful tree surrounded lake with loons and few other cabins or homes. To get here you have to hike down a logging road, cut through the woods, and at the lake edge blow an air horn. From across the lake the owners come with a small motorboat to take you to the camp. While rustic, it has large bunkroom which sleeps 16, a shower room, a privy, private cabins, and a small lodge where you can buy supplies, meals, beer, etc. The bunkhouse is great today because the wood heater is cranking and with the few of us here, there is plenty of room to dry clothing and other gear.

White House LandingWe plan to spend the day here relaxing and then head out tomorrow. I got my final mail drops here and had enough food to give Ulcer my extra. It should be enough to get him through with out having to buy too much here. He has a mail drop only two days ahead.

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