September 1, 2000

Potaywadjo Spring  Lean-to, ME 20 Miles Hiked Today 2119 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Ulcer soaking the feet Today started off being an easy day, but oh, how plans changed. Originally, we planned to go eight miles taking it easy and then do 14+ tomorrow to White Landing. By 10:45, however, we'd already done the eight, including swimming in a lake. So, we decided to go eight more to a campsite. More head-dunking in rivers and several breaks later we were at the campsite but it was about to rain and only 2:45. So we debated and decided to go further to here and make the day a total of 19.5 miles. We debated going another three to White Landing, but didn't want to break our vow not to do any more 20 mile days. I also did not want to spend two nights in a row at a campground-type-facility when there's only five nights left on the trail.

Two things occurred today that really made me feel the trip is ending. First, we met a flip-flopper who had gone up Katahdin recently with about 12 north bounders finishing their hike, several of which I know. It made me feel weird to know "we" were actually finishing or finished. Second, as we left the Antlers Campsite, in order to calculate mileage, I had to turn to page one of the Data Book, the page north bounders use first on the trip (it is written in traditional format, going from north to south)

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