August 30, 2000

Carl A. Newhall Lean-to, ME 10 Miles Hiked Today 2089 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

What a glorious day. I got up after sleeping like a log under the stars and we started hiking. We stopped at a pond for a long break, next to a stream for lunch, and again to cool off. After dunking our heads, Ulcer said, "that head-dunking was exceptional." I couldn't have put it any better.

By 2:00 we had reached the lean-to. After washing off in the stream and setting up camp, the afternoon was spent relaxing. Reading, writing, and napping with a 79 degree light breeze carrying the scent of pine. These are the days...

One thought regarding the trips ending - what goal, related to something I love doing, will possibly be able to occupy my time in such a rewarding way once this is over? I am hard-pressed for an answer.

We also walked through old-growth white pine today. Very beautiful. And to top it off? We picked and ate handful after handful of ripe blackberries that grew along Pleasant River.

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