August 28, 2000

Wilson Valley Lean-to, ME 14 Miles Hiked Today 2063 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

The church Last night I wasn't in the mood to write much so I guess I need to capture more regarding Monson. Its small, with two restaurants, three hostels, and two gas stations. There is a feud going on between two hostels -- The Shaws and The Pie Lady. Its ridiculous and funny.

I enjoyed another trail "first" in Monson - church. All along the trail I've wanted to go to a small town church service and I finally hit one. The Pie Lady (Sydney Pratt) attends Monson United Christian Church and is the backup organist, so I went there (Ulcer went with me). Her friend Dee picked Ulcer and I up (Sydney had to go early to warm up and practice) for the 10:00 service. The church was small and quaint with a very nice congregation. Everyone was very welcoming and seemed genuinely glad to have hikers as guests. The only downside was that it was impossible to have a quiet moment because everyone wanted to say "Hi."

Today's hike was your basic 10 mile jaunt. It was very pretty as we passed four ponds and one set of waterfalls. From some rock outcroppings we had nice views of the valley as well. I could really see where some trees are turning red and/or the leaves are changing to a yellowish-green. Good color should be here soon.


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