August 25, 2000

Horseshoe Canyon Lean-to, ME 13 Miles Hiked Today 2044 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

View from Moxie Bald What a truly great day, again with a few firsts for me. By 8:45 I was atop Moxie Bald with 360 degree views. Shortly after taking in the views (which I had to myself) I headed down and ate a bunch of blueberries.  Since I was only planning on hiking 13 miles. I stopped for a long snack at a pond. I sat and watched about a dozen frogs/toads play around.  One even tried to eat a piece of stick I threw in the water!

Around 12:30 I stopped for lunch beside a river with Loon, Laurie, and Spring Fever. It was great to just sit and soak up the sun.

The trailBy about 2:15 I had reached the lean-to and stuck with my original plan to just chill out for the afternoon rather than push nine more miles to town a day early. Usually, I would have. So, I spent some time reading and just observing. I also took about an hour to walk down to the river, clean my clothes, and just sit buck naked up to my chest in the cold river. How refreshing! And looking ahead, I have more short days ahead in the 100 Mile Wilderness. Perfect.

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