August 23, 2000

Pierce Pond Lean-to, ME · 17 Miles Hiked Today · 2012 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

View from Little Bigelow of Bigelow's I did something for the first time on the trail today - I hiked naked. I had been wanting to try it but didn't on Hike Naked Day (the first day of summer), because I was with Coloradôô and I wasn't scenery he cared to see. So, I did it today for about 30 minutes until I caught up to some people. At first it was weird, but quickly became no big deal. It was rather freeing.

Erik at the 2000 mile markIn other news, I hiked along the same route Benedict Arnold used to try to hike to Quebec for a surprise attack. It never worked, because he and his men got bogged down in the swamps. Before him, the Abenaki Indians used the trail to get around rapids on the Dead River.

Lastly, I caught up with Ulcer, his sister, Unwired, Rivanna, Uncle, and Dr. Zeaus today. It was like a mini-reunion.

Oh yeah, we crossed the 2,000 mile mark also.

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