August 20, 2000

Spaulding Mountain Lean-To, ME 17 Miles Hiked Today 1966 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

 I think my equipment is trying to give up the ghost. Last night I noticed a hole in one sock, a run in another, a spot on my boots where they're coming unglued (again), and then one of the poles to my bivy blew out. I think I can make it all last 'til the end, though.

The weather today was piss-poor. It was 50 degrees at 7:00 am and on my way up the first mountain it was down to 45 degrees, windy, and sleeting. It also rained off and on. Now its about 40 degrees. I did get one good view from Poplar Ridge. I also fell twice, once getting hung up on a rock and pine tree. It was better than crashing down the mountain, though, which I nearly did.

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