August 18, 2000

Oquossoc, ME 34 Miles "Hiked" Today 1934 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Today was more chillin' out with Rob. He got to experience trail errands (groceries, P.O., etc.) and then we headed out. We did some shopping and saw a movie (Hollow Man) in the town of Farmington. After, we headed here, grabbed a bite, and he took off.

I'm really glad both Dave and Rob got a chance to come hike. While I am a tiny bit disappointed by the fact that there are a few miles I skipped, it is more than counter-balanced by the adventures I had with both, the fact that they both got to experience the trail and now understand it better, and by the fact that I got to know both them and myself better.

Through their questions and observations I learned how much I have changed, how much I enjoy freedom, how unique the trail is, what good shape I am in, that I wouldn't mind doing another long trail someday (no time soon, don't worry!), and I also got to experience hiking in a different way - slower (which was nice). My sincere hope is that they had fun and coming out was worth their time and effort.

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