August 16, 2000

Stony Brook Recreation Area, ME 4 Miles Hiked Today 1900 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Speck Pond under fog Today was fun. Rob and I slept in (7:30!) and hiked down to the road, stopping at a brook for lunch. Once we got to the road we quickly got a hitch and ended up here at Stony Brook Recreation Area.  We spent the afternoon doing laundry and getting cleaned up. Rob got to experience wearing his rain gear so he could wash his clothes, drying off with paper towels, and "borrowing" soap from the hand dispenser to use in the shower.

Stony Brook Recreation Area putt-putt golf courseAfter we had dinner, we played putt-putt golf (Rob won), horseshoes, and shuffleboard. While I won the latter two, it is with one caveat -- we made up our own rules. We also had a nice fire, courtesy of Rob's log-cabin style fire making skills.

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