August 15, 2000

Speck Pond Campsite, ME 6 Miles Hiked Today 1896 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Rob traversing Mahoosuc NotchToday we did the hardest mile on the trail -- Mahoosuc Notch. The trail basically follows a valley floor that is a jumble of large boulders covered in moss. It took us 3.5 hours to do the whole thing. It was really cool. You could, at times, hear the river/stream flowing out-of-sight below you. Many times you could feel cold blasts of air shooting up from below, from hidden caves. Sometimes we got to climb/crawl through those caves. The downside is that it tore Rob's feet up.

Rob under Mahoosuc NotchAfter the notch we had to climb Mahoosuc Arm. It is fairly steep, rocky, and wet. In my Tevas Rob was able to do better than he had in boots, which was good. After the summit, on which we could see clouds whipping past and around us, we dropped down to Speck Pond. It was freaky looking, as we could only see the edges of it nearest us, the rest being shrouded in fog.

Rob climbing Mahoosuc armBy the way, Rob came up with a new trail saying: "Intelligent Nature." The term applies to all those times tree roots, branches, and rocks attempt to take you down. We haven't decided yet if mud counts. It seems to lend a hand to the other living natural organisms.

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