August 10, 2000

Gorham, NH 29 Miles "Hiked" Today 1869 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

This area ahead has the worst weather in america.  Many have died there from exposure even in the summer. Turn back now if the weather is bad. First, I learned today that Mount Washington ranks 2nd only to Everest as having most deaths. No wonder this area is said to have the "worst weather in America."

Well, it rained last night. This after some kids showed up late and asked us to move our tent over so there would be room on the platform for their two tents.  They were noisy, knocked the cover off our boots so they got rained on a little, talked a lot, and put one of their tents up in such a way as to cause more runoff onto our tent.

View from Mount MadisonThis morning, Dave and I hiked back up to the hut to get water and keep hiking. Dave decided he didn't want to go over Madison so we split up. He did 3.7 down to one road, hitched to the car and picked me up at Pinkham Notch. I hiked over Madison to Pinkham 7.8 Miles. The hike was nice, with decent views from Mount Madison. I saw some hikers I knew (Socrates and Scavenger) on the North side also which was cool.

This afternoon Dave and I showered and relaxed. We are staying at the hostel. There are several hikers here I know (Cruise Control, Manhattan, Uncle, Duke Nuke 'Em, Dr. Zeaus, Geiser, Ketchup). Cruise saw me and said he had something for me and handed me a four cookies in a plastic bag. He said he had met a guy (Brian Cote) at a hut who had asked Cruise if he knew me. Cruise did, and Brian said he had e-mailed me before and was hoping to meet me on the trail during his hiking over the summer and was carrying snacks to give me. Cruise knew I'd be close and took the cookies to give me. How awesome is that on Brian and Cruise's part?

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