August 3, 2000

Zealand Falls Hut, NH 9 Miles Hiked Today 1814 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Zealand Falls Hut Another terrific day! I awoke to bluish skies and some sun, took my time getting ready and took off. I had decided to stop at the hut and see about doing "work-for-stay" so I could see and experience an AMC hut. After hiking the 10 miles through forest and alpine tundra, I arrived to find work available for the afternoon (I didn't want to do work in the a.m. as you don't get hiking until about 10:00). So, after eating lunch, I spent two hours washing dishes and cleaning up "the game bin." Jay, the assistant caretaker, was real cool and didn't make me do any crap work.

Zealand FallsFor the rest of the afternoon I relaxed. First, I went and stretched on the big open rocks next to the falls. It was so relaxing to sit next to the rushing water and look out across the mountain valley and down Zeacliff Pond. I just laid on my back and watched the clouds. Back at the hut, I read a little and sat on the porch, writing and watching the rain come down. Then it was dinner (turkey, salad, soup, mashed potatoes, etc.) and sleep until breakfast. Sleep, by the way, on and actual mattress, pillow, and blanket. Definitely worth two hours work and a $60 savings.

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