August 2, 2000

Garfield Ridge Campsite, NH 15  Miles Hiked Today 1805 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

I got lucky today. The clouds broke for me on top of Mount Lafayette so I finally got some good views. They weren't perfect as I couldn't see more than a few miles, but it was nice. For about four miles I hiked along a ridge above treeline. Its neat to see the miniature plant life cling to the mountain tops. It was also cool to see the clouds come flying over the ridge.

Things noted: 1) The further north I go, the bigger the chipmunks get and the smaller the squirrels get. They're almost the same size. 2) People are already congratulating me either on being "almost done" or "almost in Maine." They don't seem to realize 300+ miles is still a long way. One guy said it gave him "chills" to think about what we are accomplishing. It does me still, too.

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