July 30, 2000

Jeffers Brook Shelter, NH 16  Miles Hiked Today 1770 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Sign atop Mount Mist By 8:30 this morning I was standing on top of Mount Cube taking in a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. A cool breeze was blowing the freshest air I may ever had the privilege of breathing. The rest of the day was just hiking, bringing us here, to the base of Moosilauke -- the beginning of the White Mountains.

Quote of the day: "You know, these mountains are just fucking mountains." A comment, by me, on the fact that step by step they're just a pile of rock. Not these God-like hindrances to be feared and that stand in the way of my journey's enjoyment the way people make them out to be.

Today I saw something cool. A tree, bent so that its top was pointing down, was still alive and most impressively, the leaves were turned right side up. Nature never ceases to amaze me.

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