July 27, 2000

Handover, NH 6  Miles Hiked Today 1725 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Ulcer and I at the New Hampshire border Twelve down, two to go. States that is. This morning we hiked about six miles into town to check out the scene (and get groceries). It turned out that the grocery store was closed (permanently) but none of the sobos bothered to tell us. Now we have to go to one in the morning on the way out of town. We did see a movie: X-Men. It was entertaining.

People in northern Vermont/southern New Hampshire seem to be either really friendly or quite rude. A lot of workers seem to be irritated that they have jobs and have to work. The people where we are staying are nice. It is an old "frat" house that is now a communal home for freshmen. It is called Panarchy and is part of Dartmouth. From what I can tell from articles on the wall and other clues, it is quite anti-establishment. All I know is that its free and dry.

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