July 26, 2000

Happy Hill Shelter, VT 20  Miles Hiked Today 1719 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Today was my last 20+ mile day. It doesn't help the nostalgia feelings I've been having, but it feels good to know they're over with. The shelter is cool. The walls are made of fieldstone with wood trim and flooring. We got here about 5:00 and Rachel, a section hiker, had a fire going and then played trumpet out in the woods. Very cool. And, Ulcer and I had carried beer four miles up from a store we passed. Excellent with beef jerky.

Something we (Ulcer and I) have noticed is that the south-bounders aren't too bright. Time and again we will ask them questions to which they should know the answer (e.g. "How's the trail behind you?," "Did you see any water?") but they don't. We get these vacant stares and monotone airhead answers. They also don't seem very social. We're hoping its just this first wave which are the psychos that started real early.

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