July 23, 2000

Killington/Rutland, VT 10  Miles Hiked Today 1680 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Yesterday we got to discussing rednecks and how by doing this cross-America trail, we got to see what each state considers as its rednecks. An observation I have made and that has subsequently been verified in speaking to hikers from the northeast and south, is that in the south (this includes Texas) rednecks could be your next-door neighbor, even in upscale suburbia. In the northeast, however, rednecks and others are separated, as these rednecks typically can not afford to live in upscale areas. Redneckedness seems to be tied to income, not just a state of mind (in the north).

Rutland is pretty cool. Its the down-to-earth town next to ski-town Killington. We did the usual town stop things with the addition of some equipment repairs/maintenance that needed to be done in readying for the final 487 miles.

On the walk to dinner we went through the old downtown and past the village green. They were having a Sunday evening symphony/orchestra in the gazebo. The sky was blue with little white clouds, the grass green, church steeples in the background, and me there to enjoy it. Lucky, lucky me.

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