July 18, 2000

Story Spring Shelter, VT 17  Miles Hiked Today 1609 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Erik at the Long TrailMet a lot of hikers today. We now have a mix of northbounders, southbounders, and Long-Trailers (the Long Trail, inspiration for the AT, starts at the Vermont border and runs north 270 miles and follows AT for 105). The trail was a river or a mud bog again. The coolest thing was as we came up the trail, we looked up ahead, and a beaver pond (a big one) had a water level that was even with our eyesight line. In other words, if the beaver dam broke, there would be a big flood. Now I'm at an overcrowded shelter with a bunch of idiots (too much b.s. talking, making a mess, etc.) that are all women or girls.

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