July 12, 2000

Mount Wilcox North Lean-to, MA Ě 19  Miles Hiked Today Ě 1512 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Super day! First, I met three sets of southbound thru-hikers, the first of the season. While we didn't talk much, all three told me about a fresh fruit stand down the next road crossing. So I went for my morning break. Two peaches, a Snapple, and a root beer later I was refreshed and on my way. Then I fought mosquitoes for six miles or more. Finally, at Darcey Pond I caught up with JoJo Smiley, Colorad˘˘, and Frito (one-third of the Texas Boys) and went swimming. The water was cool enough to refresh but warm enough to not shock the senses. Three miles later I was here, had dinner, and a taste of wine provided by Colorad˘˘.

All of this made up for the crazies I saw yesterday as an introduction to Massachusetts. A guy sitting next to the trail in nothing but shorts, squatting, staring straight forward; a guy with his pants unzipped and a large hole in the crotch acting a bit confused on a mountain top; a hiker, supposedly northbound thru-hiker, asking weird questions and acting fidgety; a guy stopping in the middle of the trail, turning abound, staring turning back, and then coming towards me saying "shelter? back there" in a crazy tone; and finally, two south-bounders taking a long time to get two liters of water. I don't know.

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