July 11, 2000

Glen Brook Lean-to, MA 14  Miles Hiked Today 1493 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Lunchtime view from atop Bear MountainAnother great day. Got up late (8:00) and didn't hit the trail until 9:30. More ups and downs again, but the views were awesome. I had lunch on Bear Mountain with 300 degree views, then stopped atop Mount Everett to enjoy the views, the sun, and a good book (I finished Cold Mountain and now an reading The Long Walk). The lean-to is in a heavily wooded conifer stand and is quite dark even in the afternoon sun.

Erik at MA state lineToday also marked my first miles in Massachusetts. Ten states down, four to go. Connecticut was nice, as were the people, contrary to what I had heard. We got hitches rather quickly and a woman at the laundromat gave us her detergent, as the machine was broken.

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