July 7, 2000

Ten Mile River Lean-to, CT 21  Miles Hiked Today 1437 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Sunset from Egbert MountainLast night Bean ( a guy I met in the first two weeks on the trail) and I hiked back south .4 miles to the top of Egbert Mountain in order to watch the sunset. It was awesome.

This morning's hike was good. It was about 60 degrees and the miles flew by. At one point I heard a bird and its young in the weeds when all of a sudden the mother bird went flailing and stumbling about away from where I heard the birds (I think they were pheasants). She was trying to get me, "the predator," to chase the injured "prey" and thus leave the young. It didn't work. I walked over to the young and they ran off. It was neat to see in action a wildlife tactic I had only seen on t.v.

Connecticut State LineBy lunch I had decided to do extra miles. The going had been easy and looked to be easy and with the cooler weather (highs have been between 70 and 75 degrees) I figured I should do the miles. Besides, I wanted to officially be in New England. The hike was nice finishing in coniferous woods along Ten Mile River. I am glad I pushed on.

In other news...I am bored and ready for the hike to be over. While I still have fun each day, and, often see or learn something new, I am ready to be finished. I am not really homesick for people, but events. I feel like going fly-fishing, chillin' with the family, and other things. Hopefully this will pass soon.

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