July 5, 2000

Sunk Mine Road, NY 16  Miles Hiked Today 1398 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

A day unlike no other I have had on the trail. Why? I saw no other hikers, and since I am camping out, don't expect to.

I started the day in NYC, took the Metro-North back to Garrison and got off. I just couldn't bring myself to take the trail to Pawling and skip 50 miles. At the Garrison train station I expected to have to call a cab to get to the trail, but a guy working for some type of rehab center who was picking up two people, offered me a ride. He has section-hiked all but 200 miles and will finish this summer. It always works out. Here was the downside: he said he could drop me where the trail crosses Hwy 9, which he did; however, I had gotten off the trail near Hwy 90. The first is a US, the second a NY highway. Not until about 3 miles did I realize what had happened. Oops. So I missed 5.1 miles of the trail by mistake. Maybe I'll make them up by doing some blue-blazes which add miles.

The hike was nice and I found a great campsite. So, besides a few mosquitoes, am quite pleased with events and can take time to make some mileage plans. By the way, the fireworks last night were awesome, we could see them over lower Manhattan, Staten Island, and The Statue of Liberty.

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