July 4, 2000

New York City, NY 0  Miles Hiked Today 1382 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Erik at Federal Hall with George WashingtonToday we joined the masses at South Street Harbor where some of the tall ships taking part in Op Sail were anchored. It was nuts. You could hardly move. We did see the US Coast Guard Barque Eagle up close at least. Then we headed across downtown so I could see the Stock Exchange, the J.P. Morgan building (one of the priciest pieces of real estate, on which Morgan built only a four-story building out of spite), and Federal Hall (where George Washington was coronated and the location of our nation's capital for a time). Our tour ended at Battery Park where we watched more tall ships and navy ships sail. While the tall ships were awesome as usual, it just wasn't as cool as the parade of ships I participated in during the Cutty Sark race in 1998.

OPSail in New York at Liberty IslandIn an update on Oshi, the Japanese woman we saw eating the cakes, she finished second in the Nathan's Hotdogs eating contest. First place went to another Japanese person, a man weighing only 100 pounds.

Fireworks over lower ManhattanTonight we are going back to Battery Park to watch the fire works over Lady Liberty. It is supposed to be the greatest fireworks display in history, with over 2000 explosions per minute for 30 minutes. All of this, from the ships to historic sites to fireworks make me feel lucky to have the opportunity to be doing what I'm doing. I have to remember not to take it for granted.

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