July 2, 2000

New York City, NY 0  Miles Hiked Today 1382 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Dave and Erik at a Mets gameAnother great day in NYC. I got up and had milk and cereal with orange juice (my favorite) and talked to Whitney. Then Dave and I met his sister, Nita, her husband Trebor, their friends Dawn and Carl, and Dave's friend Bill to go to the Mets game at Shea Stadium. Although the Mets lost 9-2, it was a good game. Back-to-back jacks from Piazza and Zeile were the Mets only runs. John Rocker didn't pitch, which sucked, because I wanted to see the fans get pissed. The Mets fans, are definitely more reserved than Yankee fans. It was a lot of fun. I have really missed baseball season.

Inside Shea stadiumAfter the game we had dinner and drinks and then Dave and I went back to his place to clean up. The day ended with dessert with Bill and his friend Stephanie. I'm spending money left and right but having a blast.

Outside Shea StadiumLater at the dessert restaurant - famous for its desserts - it was a crazy scene. A Japanese film crew showed up and began setting up shop in the part of the restaurant where we were sitting. They were filming for a gourmet show in Japan and as a twist to the show were allowing a Japanese food-eating champion to try and eat three cakes in 30 minutes. The deal with the proprietor was this: if she finishes, the cakes are free, if she doesn't, she cleans up the place. She did it! A blueberry cake, tiramisu cake and a cheesecake. It was funny to watch and amazing, as she was so tiny. And, although she almost did and might have after, she didn't barf. Anyway, we were interviewed and will be on Japanese television.

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