July 1, 2000

New York City, NY 0  Miles Hiked Today 1382 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Coney IslandSpent the morning reading and relaxing. Then Dave and I went to the outfitter to exchange my hiking pole and resupply some other items. I think I'm set for the final third of the hike.

For the afternoon, we took the subway out to Coney Island. We ate, people watched, walked up and down the boardwalk, and saw "the two-headed baby." It was real, as advertised, just not alive. It was in a big jar of formaldehyde. Luckily, it was only 50 cents to view.

"The Two-Headed Baby" at Coney IslandAfter a burger and fries for dinner and a stop at K-Mart, we shopped for rings and used CDs. Mostly, we were killing time until Stomp started. Stomp is a major off-Broadway percussion/tap/comedy with no words. The actors play instruments made of everyday household items: brooms, match books, lighters, trashcans, and the kitchen sink, literally. It is somewhat audience interactive and very high-energy. They walk on their instruments while jumping, dancing, tapping, and stomping around the stage. What makes it unique is that they are able to develop characters without any dialogue. No wonder it is so highly acclaimed world-wide.

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