June 29, 2000

Ft. Montgomery, NY 9  Miles Hiked Today 1382 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Bear Mountain Trailside ZooFirst, I forgot to mention that on the hike between the High Point Shelter and the hostel in Mt. Vernon we came across ripe blackberries. They were so good it was worth stopping and fighting the mosquitoes. We found them in the wildlife sanctuary, where much to our enjoyment, we were the only humans allowed. Special privileges!

Today we hiked 10 miles into Ft. Montgomery. The hike took us over Bear Mountain, where you can see New York City's skyline. Then it took us through a zoo. More privileges!

At a local deli, I turned and saw an add for a taxi service with service to Garrison Train station. After inquiry, I found a train goes to Grand Central almost every hour. Problem solved! I'd chill here with Ulcer tonight and go into NYC tomorrow. No hitching, trail skipping, or anything.

Then, on the way to our hotel, a guy stopped -- actually, we stopped him -- and he gave us directions and said were it not for the fact that he rode his bike, he'd give us a ride. So we walked and hitched. After about half a mile, a truck stopped. Guess who? Kevin, the same guy. He'd hauled home on his bike and grabbed his car to come get us! What a cool guy. He made up for the a-hole motel owner we talked to earlier who wouldn't rent to us. We also got a hitch later on the way back from the grocery. That hitch was lucky because it was raining and we were in city clothes with no packs. Just a nice guy who hated to see us get wet.

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