June 25, 2000

High Point Shelter,  NJ 13  Miles Hiked Today 1316 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

The gang at High Point State ParkAs always, plans on the AT changed. I met Desperado at 9:30 and he had to meet his boss (who was going to ride with him), therefore, I couldn't hang for the day. The new plan is to hike as far as I can and call him on Thursday and he will figure a way to meet and shuttle me. What a great guy.

So, I hiked a normal day, since doing big miles was now out of the question. What a blast. We stopped for two hours at High Point State Park. We bought burgers and fries for lunch and went swimming in the lake. We looked like a bunch of freaks, all bearded with weird tans, backpacks, etc. in the midst of all the families. The park was unique in that it has no trashcans, but instead give you small trash bags to carry it out. And, the park was clean!

Tomorrow, its on to Mt. Vernon Hostel.

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