June 24, 2000

Gren Anderson Shelter,  NJ 13  Miles Hiked Today 1303 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Privy at Gren Anderson shelterAnother good day. Hiked six miles and had a break, complete with cookies provided by Desperado, a former thru-hiker and current super trail angel. Then did about 3.5 miles to a deli bakery for lunch. Then we finished the day with 3.5 more miles to the shelter. Desperado had left cookies and soda and was at the shelter. He hinted that we shouldn't eat too early. He arrived at 5:30 with pizza, fresh picked strawberries, peach tea, root beer, some chicken, and sticky buns. He does stuff like that all of the time up and down the trail.

The gang, featuring "Desperado" the Trail Angel.  Clearly, "Desperado" is the apparition of some poor thru-hiker who, with out food, lost his way near the Gren Anderson shelter back in the '60s.  His spirit now roams restlessly, seeking to protect the living from his fatal folly. - Rob "The Truth Is Out There" HarrisTomorrow I am going to help him out on the trail. We'll do trail magic, check shelters, shuttle people, etc. At the end of the day I will get dropped off up the trail a ways, saving me from the mileage mistake I made (by the way, there are only 30 days in June!). It'll be fun to do a State Forest Ranger's job for a day.

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