June 23, 2000

Blue Mountain Lakes Road,  NJ 18  Miles Hiked Today 1290 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Rock cairns at Sunfish PondThe hike today went well. New Jersey is quite scenic so far. We passed several ponds and had nice ridge walks with good views. The funniest thing was all of the rock cairns someone built at Sunfish Pond.

The downside of today is right now, we are camping out near a pond and the mosquitoes are giving us hell. We're also trying to keep away from the ticks, of which there are many. I probably flicked 10 off of me today. Oh well.

Sunfish PondOne other thing. Sunfish Pond is the southernmost glacial pond on the AT. It is called Sunfish Pond because sunfish are the only fish that can live in it because of the high acidity.

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