June 21, 2000

Delaware Water Gap,  PA 16  Miles Hiked Today 1272 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

"Rock"sylvania TrailThis town marks the end of Pennsylvania! I am very ready to get on with New Jersey and New York and have them finished so that I can finally be in states I've never been in before. I am bored and ready for something new.

The hike today was decent. 16 miles with out a pack from one town to the next. The rocks are close to over with, which is good, but soon we will be in tick territory, New York. If its not one thing its another.

Presbyterian church hostelThe hostel is pretty cool. Its in the basement of a church. It has two main rooms - a sitting area with chairs and couches and the sleeping area with room for seven. There's also a bathroom and shower. All for a recommended $5 per night donation. The town itself is pretty lame, with basically no amenities. You have to take a shuttle to Stroudsburg to do anything, and tomorrow, I will.

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