June 20, 2000

Wind Gap,  PA Ě 20  Miles Hiked Today Ě 1256 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

View from Zinc MountainToday at lunch we stopped at an overlook to sit on the rocks (to avoid ticks) and look out over the countryside. After about 30 minutes, while I was fixing my hiking pole (it broke yesterday), Colorad˘˘ got up to put his poles in the shade. As he turned back and stepped toward me, a rattling sound went off behind me. I said, "Is that what I think it is?" "Yes" Colorad˘˘ replied. So, deciding I might want to get up and move away, I did. About 5 feet behind I could see a leaf moving in sync with the rattle, so grabbed a pole and poked at the leaf to see the snake. But, I couldn't see it curled up back there. Then, I looked down and saw the snake's head about 2 feet away from my feet. It was moving my way! Luckily, snakes can not strike when moving and not coiled, so I stepped back and pushed it with my pole. It turned and slithered off. Apparently, we were in its afternoon sunning spot and was checking us out when Colorad˘˘ moved around. It could have gotten interesting had he not gotten up as the rattler may have ended up in my lap.

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