June 19, 2000

Slatington, PA · 8  Miles Hiked Today · 1236 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

View of rural PAIn order to avoid doing 24 miles in terrain with little to no water and dangerous rocks, Coloradôô and I are hiking the AT from town to town. So, now we are in Slatington and tomorrow, Wind Gap. We are staying at Fine Lodging, a huge home that is under remodeling. Its not as bad as the hotel in Duncannon by any means, but the hiker room is a bit rough.

The hikers room at Fine LodgingThe hike here was nice. Coming over the ridge we could see rural Pennsylvania and more importantly, we walked through fields of blueberries! It was hard to hike and not stop and eat. They are the first we have seen on the trail.

Two things I forgot about yesterday. First, we saw a Scarlet Taneger a beautiful red and black bird. Second, we met Squire and Hippie Longstocking at the shelter. They are section hikers who gave of their own Trail Magic. They moved out of the shelter to make room for more thru-hikers coming out of the rain and when we told them we were glad they had brought the radio, they left it for us to listen to, even though they were in their tent.

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