June 17, 2000

Eckville Shelter, PA Ě 15  Miles Hiked Today Ě 1211 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Erik and Colorad˘˘ on Pulpit RockOut of town and into the hot humid mountains. The hike with Colorad˘˘ and Ulcer was good. We had two good views, the first from Pulpit Rock and the second from The Pinnacle. The view from The Pinnacle is suppose to be the best view in Pennsylvania.

"Best view in PA" - The PinnacleThe shelter is pretty cool. It is in this guy's backyard, has bunks for 6, a bathroom and solar shower, and a refrigerator full of drinks and ice cream sandwiches (for a donation). Seven of us are in the shelter (one guy is sleeping on a chaise chair) and about five more are tenting. Couple this with the new plan of covering the distance between here and Delaware Water Gap and we'll be finishing off Pennsylvania in style!

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