June 15, 2000

Eagles Nest Shelter, PA Ě 15  Miles Hiked Today Ě 1187 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

After I finished writing last night, we got to talking and eventually got to discussing Robert Frost's poetry. It came up because Colorad˘˘ was carrying one of his collections. I told him that I bet the first poem was "The Pasture" because Frost had decreed that any book of his works had to begin with that one. So we checked (I was right) and soon we were discussing it and reading poems by headlamp. Very cool.

Another very cool thing about yesterday was that we crossed the "line" to having only 999 miles left. Triple digits!

Today was another rainy day. We had to slog through a lot of water on the trail. Basically, everything is wet or damp. We had no views, no nothing. The good part was that Colorad˘˘ and I hiked together and talked the whole time. He tells good stories so it passed the time. We talked a lot about hiking in Colorado, the wildlife, etc. Lucky for us, we made it to the shelter before the rainstorm, although, how wet can you get?

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