June 14, 2000

501 Shelter, PA · 18  Miles Hiked Today · 1172 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

A pretty good day of hiking, following a night where I got to see someone I hadn't seen since the GA/NC border. Coloradôô and I met that day and he is the guy who took my picture at the border. He showed up late last night and we spent quite a long time exchanging "did you see?" and "did you meet?" stories. He is here tonight also and will be at the shelter tomorrow night. He is 54, retired, and cool. He has a good philosophy about the hike -- hike your hike, meet cool people, etc.

Anyway, I hiked with The Captain and The Kid (Bosco his dog) today. The miles flew by as we talked and the next thing we knew we were here at the shelter. It sleeps 12 in bunks, has a table that sits 10, is totally enclosed with a large sun light, a solar shower (too cold to use), a water spigot, and the people whose backyard we are in let you use their phone to order pizza. So the four of us (Badger included) ordered food and shared stories. Although its still rainy and my stuff is wet, its one of those days you wish wouldn't end.

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