June 8, 2000

Paradise, PA 0  Miles Hiked Today 1126 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Candyman, Leapfrog, and Happy HourRan errands about town until Whitney arrived. Then it was off to the Pennsylvania Amish country. The heart of it is east of Lancaster about 30 miles. On the way we detoured through the city of York in order to visit the Harley-Davidson Museum and Plant, but the museum closed at 3:00. We did see a lot of Harley's though, as the employee parking lot was full of them.

Once we got to Paradise we checked into the bed and breakfast, got some dinner suggestions, and went out. We had a Dutch-style dinner and then drove around the countryside while the sun was going down. Farm after farm of green crops and dairy land greet the senses and relax you in the most natural way -- sights, sounds, and smells that are fresh and vivid. I love this part of the country. Our b&b is on a dairy farm and from the front porch you can see the cow pastures as well as neighboring farmland. It is very peaceful.

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