June 5, 2000

Boiling Springs (Ishmael's House), PA 12 Miles Hiked Today 1100 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Ishmael's thru-hikers shelterToday was lesson learning day. I had planned on staying at Mother Hen's and doing some packing from her place. But after trying to call her for three hours, began to wonder what would happen if we didn't connect. That's when Ishmael showed up at the Mid-Atlantic ATC office where we were waiting. He puts up hikers as well, but because he works full time, is not as available as Mother Hen. At first I was resistant based on nothing more than being resistant to change, as he pointed out. And if there is one thing I'm trying to learn out here its to go with the flow. So, off we went to his place. It was awesome. He builds log homes, built his, and built both a typical shelter and a treehouse shelter in the "back yard" (6 acres). We stopped by the grocery, cooked dinner together, and hung out while I did laundry and showered. He thru-hiked in '93 and did the Pacific Crest Trail in '99. He was/is very mellow, full of information about the trails, spiritual (whatever that means), and just all-around cool. He's the kind of person you wish you could describe, but can't. You just have to meet him. By the way, the lessons were: be flexible, go with the flow; accept what is provided; expect the unexpected; people are inherently good.

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