June 4, 2000

Tagg Run Shelter, PA 17 Miles Hiked Today 1088 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Erik at the office half way markerHalf way today! Got up and quickly covered the 10 miles to Pine Grove Furnace State Park, the official half-way point. At the general store is where hikers attempt the "half-way challenge" -- half a gallon of ice cream to celebrate the half-way point. I ate my half gallon of chocolate in 45 minutes. Mmm mmm good! We then had more miles to cover, but not until I had called home to tell Mom, Dad, and Whitney the news.

Erik at the start of 1/2 gallon at 1/2 wayComing in to Pine Grove was a little emotional. Realizing I had made it 1080 miles and was still going and thinking about what an opportunity I have had, as well as the thought that the journey keeps going faster and would soon be over was a bit overwhelming. Having learned so much the first 85 days on the trail, I plan to make the most out of the remainder, whatever that may be.

Erik at the end of 1/2 gallon at 1/2 way

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