June 2, 2000

Tumbling Run Shelter, PA 18 Miles Hiked Today 1051 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Mason Dixon line and PA state lineA pretty basic day of hiking. Not a lot to report, other than Heart Magic is here. I have not seen her since the N.O.C. back in my second week of hiking. We hiked together and had good conversation. Had some good views, saw deer, saw snakes, and had several streams to dunk our heads in.

Erik at the Maine to Georgia signThe day ended really well. This site has two shelters and there are only four of us here. They sit about 40 yards from a large stream in the middle of a conifer stand. I had a chance to climb into and sit in the cold water, clean off, and cool down. Then I used a large flat boulder in the middle of the stream as my space to stretch. Very relaxing. As we ate, the shelter overseer showed up (he keeps the shelters immaculate!) to check things out and to bring in sodas. That was my 2nd trail magic of the day since I had found a soda in a stream this morning. Lastly, a rain storm hit just after we finished eating and sharing good conversation. So here I sit, clean (sort of) and dry, watching it rain, with the scent of wet pine in the air. If I could bottle this I'd be rich.

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