May 31, 2000

Rocky Run Shelter, MD 16 Miles Hiked Today 1018 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Left to right: Simba, Batman, Robin, Cruise Control with ShadowBack in the saddle again. A nice easy hike with a good break at Gathlando State Park. It has the only monument to war correspondents of its kind in the country. Simba, Batman, Robin, and Cruise Control showed up while I was there (they slackpacked south) and I got a chance to take their picture finally. Its too bad they're slacking, because now they will get far ahead of me and are cool to hang out with. Oh well. 

Canadian geese in C&O CanalWearing the kilt worked pretty well. It is definitely cooler, but the waist liner rubbed a little. I think it will end up being a part-time alternative to shorts.

I am now done with GA, NC, TN, VA, WV and will quickly finish Maryland. I should be in Pennsylvania by Friday. Right now I am just outside Burkittsville, MD. It was either the site of or the filming of The Blair Witch Project. That's kind of cool. I haven't seen any of the rock piles or stick symbols, yet, but I'm looking.

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