May 30, 2000

Harpers Ferry, WV 0 Miles Hiked Today 1002 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

John Brown's fortDid the historic tour today. Harpers Ferry is the site of John Brown's raid. John Brown raided the armory in Harpers Ferry just prior to the beginning of the Civil War. He was hoping to arm his co-conspirators and begin heading south, freeing slaves. The capture of the armory worked, initially, but eventually (3 days later) he was surrounded and captured in the fort/armory. He was later executed. I also visited the Provost Marshal Office (judge, jailor, executioner), boarding house, Arsenal Square, and Harper House. Amazingly, Harpers Ferry changed hands eight times during the Civil War.

I don't know what the hell this is.Stonewall Jackson's homeIn the afternoon I did some shopping, but still could not find a Father's Day gift. I also went to the post office and library. In doing all of this, I bumped into Cruise Control and Shadow (his wolf/husky), Simba, and Batman and Robin. They invited me to share their hotel room so I could watch the Dallas Stars hockey game and pay only $11 rather than the $55 I would have paid. I had met all of them way earlier on the trail. They are all really nice. The guy that runs the outfitter and his wife drove all of us, ET, and Loveshack to dinner so all of us could do the all-you-can-eat at Golden Corral. So, once again, the trail works things out for me.


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