May 29, 2000

Harpers Ferry, WV 0 Miles Hiked Today 1002 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Harpers FerryHung out in Georgetown and at Bill's, then headed to the rail station. Union Station is really cool. It has been redone and restored, with shops and restaurants on the street level/side and the tracks towards the back. In the front, the domed ceiling is huge, with gold leafing and other architectural and artistic design work. You don't feel like you're in a train station at all.

Historic Harpers FerryEnded the day back in Harpers Ferry. Zoom is taking off tomorrow and I will wait one more day so I can time meeting Whitney, and I can visit the local Civil War historical sites.

Its really cool; we realized, how not only can you go from the trail to the city, but that people in the city can so quickly get to the trail as well. That was the reason the trail was created -- to provide a place for 1/3 of Americans to get to nature with in a days drive.

A Shenandoah valley canalLastly, when its hot, from now on I am hiking in a kilt. Chafing will no longer be a problem as I will be wearing it the "traditional" way -- "commando."  Last year, there were supposedly four hikers who completed the trail wearing them. This year I am the first to wear one. I feel sort of like Mel Gibson in Braveheart, only not so rich.

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