May 28, 2000

Washington D.C. 0 Miles Hiked Today 1002 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Had another great breakfast -- cereal with milk and juice! To top it off -- the morning paper. Its the simple things in life.

The rest of the day we spent running errands (bought a new walkman) and eating, basically. I tried Pho (Vietnamese) for the first time for lunch, bought good steaks for dinner, and walked to a good place to go for dessert. Zoom and I then went and saw Mission: Impossible II. A good action flick. Then we spent the evening enjoying good food and company.

One thing I think I've discovered about myself is that I thrive on being stimulated. I need sights, sounds, history, culture, conversation, new relationships, and the outdoors. I don't think Dallas has it and I'm not sure all of the places I've previously considered moving do either (Denver, Seattle). I am rethinking my long-term (two years from now) strategy as to where I would like to be.  D.C.? Philly? NYC? Boston?

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