May 26, 2000

Washington D.C. 9 Miles Hiked Today 1002 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Erik at the 1,000 mile markGot up and headed for Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.  At the bridge over the Shenandoah River, we crossed the 1,000 mile mark (actually 1001.4). It was kind of sentimental to cross the mark and be in the traditional halfway point town.

At the Appalachian Trail Conference headquarters we got our pictures taken, registered, and I repackaged the food shipment mom sent. We also bumped in to Freddy, Lone Star, Chin Man, and Caveman. Caveman gave us the keys to his room so we could shower. We said our goodbyes and congratulations, and headed to the train station.

Erik at ATC headquartersRiding the train is great. Cheap, spacious, and relaxing it was a nice way to travel. But, talk about culture shock. Getting off the train at Union Station in the middle of the masses was crazy! People were everywhere, talking on their phones, wearing their "little costumes" (as Zoom said), running pointless errands. It was cool, though, at the same time. There was such energy and so much stimuli. I realized I miss a lot of this, just minus the crap -- the pomp and pretentiousness of it all. I love seeing new things, trying something different, and having new experiences. The trick, I think, is to get the latter, with out the former.

The day ended with us hanging at a restaurant people watching, meeting Zoom's friend Bill, and Bill cooking us the best meal. Salad, pasta with shrimp, and snicker's cheese-cake all handmade. It was worth paying for, we told him.

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