May 25, 2000

David Lesser Memorial Shelter, Va 11 Miles Hiked Today 993 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

A nice easy 11 miles today. Got up, hung out at the hostel reading and relaxing, and eventually headed out at 11:45. After about 30 minutes who should I see about 100 yards ahead? Zoom, miracle of miracles. So we hiked together the rest of the day just takin' it easy, stopping to rest and snack, all the way. The shelter is nice, with a patio, benches, and a separate eating area with a wooden swing. Nice.

The hostel yesterday was awesome. It had a very communal feel, as if you were part of something and should take responsibility for it. An old stone bi-level house, it sleeps 20 and had space for thru-hiker day use as well. Everything you needed was there -- refrigerator, two stoves and ovens, pots, pans, showers, couches, etc. And nice, not like "The Place" in Damascus. The bunks actually had mattresses, pillows, and blankets. There was lots of reading material, information on recycling, Virginia, the trail, local flora and fauna. All for $12.00.

Well, by the time I hit the train station in Harpers Ferry tomorrow, I'll have hiked 1001.9 miles. One thousand miles. A thousand. Who would have thought? It has been awesome so far and promises to get better, albeit slower, what with more people visiting me and my taking more side trips. But that's cool. Its the journey of a life time and all of those things are a part of it. I mean, if I'm not having fun, I'll quit, but somehow it has gotten under my skin that I've got to finish. Maybe its the fact that I feel I can do it, what with 1,000 miles under my belt. Maybe I just don't want to have "wasted all this effort (all though it is by no means a waste, even if you stop after 100 miles). Maybe I just want to be one of the few who can say "I made it." All I know for sure is that I have a new goal -- finish it all.

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