May 24, 2000

Bear's Den Hostel, Va 19 Miles Hiked Today 982 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Bear's Den hostelWhat a roller coaster day! Got up at 6:00 and did nine miles by 11:00 in the cool morning air. Had to do 19 to get to the hostel to meet some acquaintances, the Mason's. After lunch is when the roller coaster began. First, I was actually hiking what is called "The Roller Coaster." A series of climbs and descents of about 300 feet or so stretching for 10 miles. Then, I got dehydrated, got a headache, and slowed to a crawl. Eventually, I made it here, only to find the Mason's were in Maine. So, short of food, Melody, one of the ladies who runs the hostel, gave me a frozen pizza. I did laundry, took a shower, etc. No sooner had I finished eating when the Mason's called, having just returned from Maine, a 14 hour trip. So, Luke came and got me and I had a steak dinner with green beans and a salad. Can you imagine how hospitable that is on their part? We had great dinner conversation and Luke brought me back here. It all worked out. It always does.

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