May 21, 2000

Front Royal, Va 13 Miles Hiked Today 948 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Hiked a quick 13 today and hit the road to town. Got a quick hitch with Caveman, Trail Mix, and Zoom (Dirk hiked on) and started the search for food, lodging, etc. We had the best dinner at Jalisco's, A Mexican restaurant we had heard was good. It was like being back in Dallas! Then we went to see the movie Gladiator.  It was entertaining but probably won't win any awards other than costume or set design.

The hike through Shenandoah was better than expected. I think the fact that a great group of us hiked the whole park together (Zoom, Trail Mix, Dirk, Two Stepper, and Caveman). Everybody agreed that it stunk that we were all splitting up. We would even sing classic rock together as we hiked. What a blast! I intend on keeping in touch with these guys after the hike is over.

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